Trade Target: Gustav Nyquist

Gustav Nyquist (NHL)

Gustav Nyquist (NHL)

For all the talk of changing the Rangers, they have yet to make a trade of consequence. Maybe they need some help, so I’m going to put my best foot forward and give it a try. My first target, Gustav Nyquist.

Let me start out with that I am a huge fan of Nyquist and his game. I think the 26 year old Swede is an immense talent with an ability to score goals all by his lonesome. He’s a RW that shoots left, which the Rangers have in abundance, but his name has come up in some recent rumors and he’s worth looking at.

Detroit went out and signed Frans Nielsen, Thomas Vanek and Steve Ott on July 1st. However, they moved Datsyuk’s contract in order to free up space to land a star forward, Stamkos which never came to fruition. So could the Rangers’ Rick Nash be a possibility?

As of right now, Nyquist and Tomas Tatar‘s names have been thrown about in trade rumors. Detroit is in need of a top pairing defenseman, which unfortunately the Rangers don’t have one to send over. So this whole scenario is likely moot, but still fun to ponder.

Rumors have the Wings hoping to entice Anaheim to take one (not both) for Cam Fowler or to St. Louis for Kevin Shattenkirk. After the Blues’ GM in essence took Shattenkirk off the table after free agent frenzy passed, that limits their options. Rumor has it that the Ducks want Dylan Larkin to start for Fowler, so it looks like a Wings search for a defenseman that can at least play in their top 4 will have to wait.

Losing out on Stamkos and the retirement of Datsyuk leaves the Wings with a big void. Could a deal sending Nash for Nyquist help Detroit? The answer is yes, especially for the short term. Immediately, Detroit gets a winger that has 40 goal potential (Nyquist has never scored more than 28) and averages about 70 points (Nyqvist’s top total was 54). Nash can kill penalties and play the power play. He is also a leader that can help the younger players develop.

Contractually, Nyquist comes with a cap hit of 4.75M until 2018/19. Nash’s hit is 3M more at 7.8M but ends 1 season earlier. Here’s the kicker though and let me know if this sound familiar, Nash has a limited no trade clause which requires Detroit to be on his list, but Nyquist will have a full no trade clause kick in next summer.

Yes, just like the issue that faced Montreal before dealing P.K. Subban and the decision the Rangers are going to face with Derek Stepan next summer. When Nashville acquired P.K., they opted not to honor his clause and Detroit may be trying to get out of Nyqvist’s handcuff before that happens.

Another possibility could be trading Chris Kreider for Nyquist should CK want over 5M per season. Both are great young players, with one being more of a power forward (CK20) and the other more finesse oriented (Nyquist).

Neither trade with the Rangers answers the Wings’ need for defense, but they could improve their offense with Nash and use Tatar with a prospect to find a defenseman at some point before the season starts.

The deal makes sense for both sides, even if I think it’s unlikely. Either way, just throwing some ideas out there Gorton.

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