Updating Kravtsov release to New York Rangers


Earlier today we posted on the news coming from Traktor on the release of Vitali Kravtsov to the New York Rangers. Unfortunately, the post was lost due to server maintenance with our hosting service. We apologize for that inconvenience.

To quickly rehash the post which was lost during the downtime, Kravtsov’s team issued a statement on the current situation.


Our own Steven Voogel gave his latest understanding of how this could play out:

1. Kravtsov signs his ELC in the next 10 days

2. Kravtsov plays no more than 10 games, keeping his ED exemption

3. They evaluate over the summer in prospect camp

4. They potentially send him back to Traktor using the KHL out clause

The latest info I have is that the signing could occur by this weekend. We will update this very fluid situation.

Thanks again for your patience.

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