Understanding Vigneault’s Thought Process Behind the Captaincy

The next captain? Many Ranger fans think so. (Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

The next captain? Many Ranger fans think so. (Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

It’s been reported by Steve Zipay that the Rangers will announce the next Rangers captain by Wednesday 10/8, at the start of the NHL regular season.


With the fan base having their thoughts on who should be the next Rangers captain (Ryan McDonagh), AV has a tougher task on making that decision.

No, he shouldn’t listen to what the fans are thinking, though they might be onto something. This Ranger team has a solid group of veterans, that can help build this team and guide this team right where it needs to be.

Alain Vigneault at practice (BlueshirtsUnited)

Alain Vigneault at practice (BlueshirtsUnited)

You look down the line and you have former captains in St. Louis and Nash (though I think the TwitterBlueshirts would one-by-one jump from the Chase Bridge if Nash was named captain). The Rangers also have experienced leaders on the team in Marc Staal and Dan Girardi. Plus, you have veterans like Ryan McDonagh (odd at his age), Dominic Moore, etc. It’s going to be a very hard decision for AV to make, but it will be a decision that he’ll have to think about, and stand behind.

When it comes to the captaincy, and those who held it before, you have a lot to live up to. You’re the face of the franchise (besides Henrik Lundqvist), you’re looked up to as an idol by children, and you are the one who has to lead by example. Ryan Callahan was a leader who did that, and went above and beyond to make sure his team came out on top. That type of play led his team, made them a better, and once he left on Deadline day last year, you still saw those players fight, and play by example.

Hands down, when you think about it, if Brad Richards was still on this team, there is no doubt in my mind he would of worn the “C” this year, after his excellent job leading this team during the long playoff run. Though, he’s not here anymore, you still can’t forget that he was the leader in that locker room. Players looked to him and Marty St. Louis, to provide guidance.

AV wants someone who is skillful, can lead by example, and can be a vocal force that they so desperately need. That will stand up for his teammates, and get involved. Gather the team and refocus them when they are down. With the amount of young guys they are going to have on this team, this person will need to a presence on the ice and in the room. He will  have to understand with this youth there is going to be up and downs, it’s his job to have them focused.

As the start of the season approaches, we’ll be awaiting his decision. This team is filled with leaders from top to bottom, and he shouldn’t have an issue finding the right person. No matter who he chooses, the other 19 will back the captain up.

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