What to Expect from Jimmy Vesey

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Prior to last season, Jimmy Vesey was a hot commodity in the NHL. The Vesey sweepstakes ended when the Harvard standout chose the Big Apple as his desired destination. The 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner joined a team with plenty of depth at the wing position. This caused a good problem for the New York Rangers.

27 points in a rookie campaign is not fully what the team nor fans expected from Vesey. They say that with all young players there will be some bumps in the road. Vesey definitely made sure that statement was true. At several points last season fans and media were calling for the benching of Vesey.

Vesey was similar to Kevin Hayes last season; while he was usually noticeable on the ice, sometimes it was for the wrong reasons. There is no way to fully grasp who Jimmy Vesey will be. Unlike Pavel Buchnevich, Vesey is a guy that typically doesn’t look to score from the outside. Vesey likes to get in and score, he looks to drive to the net or shoot from the slot. Both a huge asset and a hindering player, Vesey will look to find his game and become the highly touted player he was coming out of college.

Talented but lazy?

Does this subtitle sound like anyone else on the Rangers? I’m a firm believer that Jimmy Vesey knows how to play both sides of the puck. I also am a firm believer that as a rookie with high expectations; it becomes a burden when the score sheet doesn’t say your name all the time.

The key to longevity in the NHL is the ability to adapt. It’s impossible to stay in the league and not improve every year, so I believe that the veteran players will be able to show Vesey the ropes on how to be a two way hockey player. If you are not as talented as others in the league thats acceptable, but when it comes down to not putting in effort that is where Vesey will need to adapt. Much like Chris Kreider, if Vesey can not take any shifts off he will vastly improve his game.


First off Vesey will need to improve his game, a -13 player is nothing to get excited about. After that naturally when someone has the talent Vesey does the expectations are higher. Do I think Vesey will be a superstar, well no, but could he be a dynamic player for the Rangers, of course. Should he use his strength to drive to the net and also be able to clean up rebounds Vesey could easily put up 25 goals. He also can dish the puck, Matt Puempel saw this first hand.

Add in roughly another 18-20 assists and Vesey is now a 40 point guy. This is right around where I think Vesey will be career wise.

Talent player, chose which team to play for, and told two other teams no, expectations and bright lights end up on No. 26, hard to have a sophomore slump when your rookie season was nothing to write home about. Only one way for Vesey to go and that is up.

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