Will the Rangers seriously consider trading Chris Kreider

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If there was one name on the Rangers roster today aside from Henrik Lundqvist that could net a whale of a haul, it is Chris Kreider. The King has a no move clause and is going nowhere. But what about Kreider? He does have some protection with an 11 team no trade clause but teams are interested if not already formally inquiring.

Kreider: A wanted man

“If I was an NHL team that thought I could win and needed some edge, I would be going after Kreider. But I could see the Rangers wanting to keep him. This is supposed to be a one-year thing, and then they’re going to be in the free agent market. So I wonder what they’re going to do there. But I really like Kreider. I like him a lot. I think he’s a guy who just runs over people and you need that.”

Friedman via Nichols on Hockey

Teams right now are starting to make decisions about what direction they want to take this year and just how hard they are willing to go about it. The NHL trade deadline is around the corner (Monday, February 25th) and the number of scouts are increasing with each passing game.

On a recent NHL on NBC broadcast, Jeremy Roenick highlighted Kreider as a guy the Rangers should trade. JR called Kreider inconsistent but electric and someone who could go on an offensive tear with the right change of scenery. The key for the why the Rangers should is that he would bring in a haul for the rebuilding franchise.

Kreider’s value

The question comes down to should the Rangers trade Kreider or not. For me, the answer is yes, but only for a lottery 1st round pick. The problem is there is only one team in the playoffs that I would look to make that trade with and its the Colorado Avalanche.

The Avs sit in the final wild card spot and hold Ottawa’s first round pick. The Senators are dead last in the league making that the likely pick that selects 1st or 2nd in this draft. Hello Jack Hughes or Kaapo Kakka.

Now if the Rangers really wanted that pick, it would have to take more than Kreider but what if Jeff Gorton could turn this into a blockbuster?

Call Me Crazy (and you should)

What if Gorton could package both Kreider and Hayes to the Avalanche for the 1st round pick and Cale Makar? The deal would obviously need some polishing by both sides. However, looking at the Avs currently talent loaded but young lineup a trade netting Kreider and Hayes would be huge for them.

The Avs would all but ensure a return to the playoffs and pose an actual threat this season. If they can secure Hayes to a contract then they also establish themselves as contenders for years to come.

Acting as a GM from my keyboard is probably better for my fantasy hockey team, but I can’t help but think of this dream scenario for the Rangers. Maybe it is too much to give up for an unproven top draft pick, but imagine making that deal, keeping our current pick and winning the lottery to draft 1 and 2 overall? Ok…now you can call me crazy.

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