How to win a chirp battle against obnoxious Islanders fans

Sparky and NYLES - mascots! For shame!
Sparky and NYLES – mascots! For shame!

The Islanders have beaten the New York Rangers again in the regular season! Well color me envious – or not! Listen, I love a good rivalry and Rangers vs. Islanders is one of the best in sports.

However, this season an unusual maybe even abnormal amount of Islanders fans are coming out of the woodworks. I know who the real diehard Islander fans are, because they’re quietly happy right now. Why are they quiet? Because they know that the Islanders have been horrible for two decades and haven’t won anything yet.

In addition, they are all over the age of 40 and barely remember those 4 coveted Cups won in a row.

Still, there are bunch of Islanders fans finally taking the brown paper bags off their heads and dusting off some of their old gear. Heck, I saw some dude in a Long Island supermarket proudly sporting a fish sticks jersey! Oh boy!

However, these are the ones that are not only easy to smackdown but loads of fun to do so in the process. Here’s some gems from last night’s social media war for you to enjoy and some older ones as well.

These Two Tweets started the fun:

Then the chirping began:

Other way to nail em? Hit them with fish sticks jokes:


Listen, let them have fun. Don’t get overly worked up about it. Regular season hockey is a different animal than play off hockey. Let’s see what happens in April!

3 thoughts on “How to win a chirp battle against obnoxious Islanders fans

  • January 29, 2015 at 11:34 am

    hey buddy just so you know your comebacks are horrible, all that matters right now is the present, we can go on and on that you only won one cup in 70+ years which is sad but at the same time at least you guys have been competing every year. I’m a die hard isles fan at 25 yrs old, I don’t show boat like most New Yorkers, is this year special for us right now, he’ll yeah and obviously there are a lot of band wagoners right now but there will never be a team that’s lost for 20+ years and now playing good hockey that won’t have those fans joining in. The only thing I care about is competing every year, l hate the rangers with a passion but doesn’t mean I don’t respect what they do every year. Don’t sit here worrying about what to say back towards us, most of your fans care more about rooting against the isles then rooting for there on team. It’s sickening to see ranger fans in there jerseys for every isles home game, I went to a ranger game and I wore a button down and kept my mouth shut, and just so you know there are a lot of young die hards out there in the isles fans base, you can’t take away us being excited about this season so far regardless of how were acting

    • January 29, 2015 at 12:08 pm

      The article wasn’t really addressed to fans like yourself. And I think you are losing sight that this isn’t meant to be an overly serious article on a RANGERS site.

  • April 8, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    And that was the last time anyone cheered for mike milbury

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