Buchnevich tells Russian paper Vigneault hurt his confidence

Pavel Buchnevich (Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports)

The fallout of the 2017-18 season continues.

Pavel Buchnevich, the promising young star told Russian news outlet, Sport-Express how Alain Vigneault hindered his game and confidence.

From Google Translate:

“Because everything depends on my confidence. When you do not think that the error will lead to consequences in the form of a reduction in playing time, then it is much easier for me. But everything turned out differently. A couple of matches you are doing well, in the third you do not show yourself and instantly find yourself in the fourth (line) with a five-minute playing time. It’s hard. Moreover, you are still told, they say, where are your qualities, show me. And you’re doing ten minutes with the majority on the ice.”

Vigneault is tough on young players

This is not news, and it doesn’t make him a bad coach. When Alain Vigneault was hired, I spoke with former Ranger, Jason Ward who played for him in his rookie season in Montreal. Ward found himself struggling to earn confidence from his coach and noted that AV was more of a veteran’s coach.

James Dolan said the same thing just this past week. In Larry Brooks’ article he was quoted on AV saying:

“I think Alain was a great coach, but a great coach for a developed team,” Dolan said. “Even though he probably didn’t mean to, he sort of affirmed that himself when he talked after the last game about how he didn’t have the players this year.”

The exclamation mark came when Dolan made it clear that the next Rangers coach will HAVE to be a developmental coach. A statement like that tells you exactly why Alain Vigneault was fired.

Buchnevich on the season’s disarray

The article was very revealing and I think you should all read the translated version for yourselves. Some other key points Buchnevich made were as follows:

On the handling of the lineup –

“The combinations changed daily, sometimes it seemed to me that they were created in a random way, as the cards from the deck get out.”

On learning AV was fired –

“I did not feel anything.”

On how AV handled him and the team –

“Yes, he did not talk to the players. Something to me at the meetings talked about the “fight for the puck,” but that’s it. Once I was on the (roster), although I did not understand the reason. There was a strange moment. If the team (was losing), then in the third period I played a lot. And if (we were winning), then all the time I sat on the bench.”

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