David Quinn opens up on why the team has been successful in new MSG Networks interview

Rangers Coach David Quinn will be on the “MSG 150 at Home” tonight airing at 7:30PM. MSG Networks hosts Bill Pidto and Steve Valiquette will discuss a wide range of topics, including the secret to the team’s success this season so far.

Here’s a quick look at what you will hear from the coach tonight.

On how he’s spending his time

“Believe it or not, we stay somewhat busy. You want to take this time to stay active and just in case something does happen sooner rather than later. From a coaching standpoint, between myself, Lindy Ruff, David Oliver and Greg Brown, we’re doing some projects, we’re trying to dig a little deeper to see if we can come up with something that might help us when we do get started. But it has been a trying time and obviously hockey is on the back burner for everybody. And just the key for everybody is staying safe and doing their part so we can get through this.”

On how he’s staying in touch with the players

“Regardless of what you do in life, we’re human beings first and foremost, you want someone to care about you. You want someone to have your best interest at heart. We’re very fortunate to have the staff we have between Lindy Ruff, David Oliver and Greg Brown. It starts at the top too, with Mr. Dolan, JD, Gorts and Chris Drury. We’re in constant contact with the players. Calling them, trying to reach out to 2-3 guys daily just to check in, see how they’re doing. Talk a little bit of hockey, but mostly talk about their families and making sure everyone is safe.”

On his thoughts on the season

“I really thought we did a great job as a group, acquiring the characteristics that you need to have a successful team. I thought there was an opportunity for us throughout the early part of the season to become a true team. And our guys did a great job of acquiring those characteristics from a work ethic to care factor, they became resilient, there was a trust factor in the locker room within each other. And you could see the benefits of that as the second half unfolded.”

Zibanejad and Panarin (Mike Stobe/Getty Images

On Mika and Panarin

“When you have Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin, your two best players that have their worth ethic, that have the ability to be great teammates and the people they are, you’re organization has a great chance to be successful.”

On Mika taking the next step this year

“First of all, he has that type of talent. And not just the physical talent, he has the mental talent too. This guy is so smart on the ice. Puts in the effort off the ice. Always wants to get better. It’s just the evolution of a player. He’s in that prime. He’s in the sweet spot of his career right now. He has all the characteristics you need. He’s a great example of what can happen with patience in young players. When you add the talent level, his brain and the teammate he is, you get a special player.”

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