Kakko vs. Hughes gets its own version of Ali vs. Marciano simulation

Kakko and Hughes (Photo: Anne-Marie Sorvin, USATS)

Way back in the late 60’s, the fantasy world of “what ifs” got a little closer to reality when a program was created that could predict the winner of a boxing match. Radio producer, Murray Woroner’s brainchild was a success and it culminated into The Super Fight between Muhammed Ali vs. Rocky Marciano in 1970.

Woroner used punching stats from each fighter’s boxing matches along with styles, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses then put it into a computer. Working with a mathematician to create an algorithm to predict the fight, Marciano beat Ali and the controversy over that victory still rages on today.

NHL 20: Kakko vs Hughes

Now flash forward almost 50 years and super computers can simulate entire careers! This week, EA Sports’ NHL 20 did just that with the 2019 #1 and #2 draft picks and here are the results.

When all was said and done, it looks like Jack Hughes statistically edges out Kaapo Kakko. However, when it comes to Stanley Cups it looks like EA Sports thinks the Rangers will win 2 with Kakko in Blue.

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