Lias Andersson breaks silence about leaving Rangers and suspension

Andersson (Jim McIsaac/Newsday)

Lias Andersson broke his silence in a TV interview today in Sweden. The interview appeared in Sports Bladet and I reached out to the author, Anton Johansson to get the best translations possible.

About the situation:

I will tell you about it someday. I can’t say too much about it in live-tv. It’s been a tough situation, it’s been hard and I will explain it one day so people will understand. 

About what’s happening now:

I’m suspended from hockey because of some incidents I won’t get in to. That’s what’s happening and right now I’m not doing that much except watching some hockey. 

Of course I want to play but I will talk about it moving forward. Now is not the time. It’s been an untenable situation for me as a person. It feels good to be home and be able to rest.

I have a small lower body-injury that I’m trying to take care of. 

About being home:

It’s good to be home again, I needed it as a person. It feels good, it feels safe to rest up my body and my mind. 

About the future:

I dont think that much actually. I’m trying to get my injury in check. Of course I want to play hockey but I’m not allowed to anymore. My contract is for one and a half years. And if it gets real bad it will be one and a half years without hockey but I hope not. Hopefully we will reach a solution so I can play again.

About his motivation:

The motivation about hockey has been bigger. I miss it but I have an injury and other things to take care of first. 

Additionally he spoke more about his situation and mental health with Swedish Newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

There is a career that’s more important – and that’s friends, family and my health. Hockeywise, we’ll see in a couple of years, it might not be the best decision i’ve made if I want to play in the NHL. But there’s hockey to play elsewhere. Many thinks that it’s a hockeybased decision that i’ve made but it’s for my health. There’s been a lot of incidents that have affected me personally, thing that have made me feel bad mentally. Hockeywise it might be an idiotiic decision, but I have to think about my personal life as well.