Rangers Formally Introduce David Quinn As The 35th Head Coach In Team History



Today, the New York Rangers finally announced one of the worst kept secrets as of late in the hockey world, as David Quinn was introduced as the club’s 35th head coach. Seated with him were GM Jeff Gorton, Glen Sather and Chris Drury.

Before Quinn, Gorton approached the podium and stated that when searching to fill the vacancy, they were looking for someone with fresh ideas and approach. He also stated that not only did his resume spoke for itself, but that he has a strong feel for the game, his communication skills were strong, which led to him having success at every level.

David Quinn finally came to the podium and began by giving credit to his parents, Ben Smith (recruited him to BU), Jack Parker and Boston University. He stated that it was a hard decision for him to leave BU but the more he spoke to Jeff and Chris, he became intrigued and interested in the job.

Quinn stated that the Rangers was only situation he would’ve left BU for. When they reached out to him, through the process, the more the Rangers management group talked about their plans, he saw them as a fit for him. He cites strong relationships with Jeff and Chris and also states that they are all on the same page. It was stated that Quinn and Jeff known each other for 25 years. When speaking in-depth on the matter, it appealed to him more and more with open dialogue and speaking freely on the direction of the team.

When asked about veteran players: Quinn knows the difference between college kids and NHL vets. He says it’s all about people skills and what motivates people and cites his past coaching experiences in the NHL and AHL for being prepared for that.

When asked about the rebuild, Gorton states the need for change after long playoff runs for their decision to hire Quinn, in relation to the moves they made last season, which is part of the rebuild and Quinn is part of this change. Gorton says the Rangers still have good players on the roster and maintains high confidence in his new coach. Quinn stated that he is familiar with a few players (Kevin Shattenkirk, Kevin Hayes), and made it a point that he intends to make every individual, and the team as a whole, better. Quinn wants to get better on a daily basis despite the word rebuild.

When asked about his coaching style, Quinn says he is fair and demanding, with no gray area. He states that players want to get better and they need to be held accountable. He wants to make them better by making them realize it.

A question came up about the transition to NCAA to NHL. Quinn states a learning curve but during a conversation with Chris and Jeff, when he left BU to the AHL, he had a knot in his stomach due to nervousness. He does not feel that way now due to him already being prepared from past experiences.

When asked about the goaltending situation, Quinn says Henrik is one of the best goalies in the world. He’s excited to work with him. On development, he wants to spend as much time with the individuals as possible. Fast practices and attention to detail.

Kevin Shattenkirk spoke with Al Trautwig after the conference and had high marks for him. He cherished the time he had with BU and that Quinn is incredibly detail-oriented and has very high standards. Shattenkirk says he doesn’t take mediocrity and states he will be a great leader for this team.

Kevin Hayes then spoke to Al Trautwig and was “jacked up” as he states. Hayes knows how fair and demanding he is, also citing accountability.

Trautwig then spoke to Quinn, who spoke on the coaching staff and states the only returning coach as of now, is goaltender Benoit Allaire. When asked about his strategy, Quinn is not a dump and chase coach. He cites possession with defensive zone coverage coming first. He wants to enter the zone with speed and keeping the puck in their zone. Quinn says people are more concerned with player communication than strategy. When asked about what he’s learned, he cites Jack Parker, by stating his attention to detail like stick and body position. He also states Ben Smith as an influence, regarding defensive positioning and strategies. Quinn cites clarity and communication as what’s important for a team

Jeff Gorton then joined Al Trautwig and stated that analytics was something that was brought up during the Quinn interview. Gorton cited Quinn’s strong communication skills and adding that he is an easy person to work with. In terms of going forward now that the coach has been hired, Gorton now plans to talk about possible assistant coaches and strategies for the draft. Having Quinn on board will now shape the direction the team wants to go in. Gorton says Quinn is innovative in his ways, as he is not an “old school” coach, and is open to speed and skill players that fill the NHL today.

Rangers assistant GM Chris Drury spoke to Al and stated that he wanted to help with the proccess in hiring Quinn by citing his past experiences with him. Drury states his strong communication skills, again, and being in tune with the youth while he coached during his time in USA Hockey and BU.

David Quinn is now officially the coach of the New York Rangers. Today is the beginning of a new era of Rangers hockey, as the new man at the helm is finally here. The recurring theme of today was fairness and accountability. It seems that Quinn is looking to help foster a culture change in the locker room and on the ice, as the NHL transitions to a younger and faster style of play. Everyone seems to be on board with Quinn and Quinn seems to be on board with everyone for the New York Rangers. Now, it’s time to build and create the new foundation this team will be based on.

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