Rangers prospect unwittingly involved in match fixing game under investigation in Sweden

An investigation is underway in Sweden as allegations of match fixing are levied against Bjorkloven. The 8-4 loss to Mora in the Allsvenskan, a minor league just below the SHL, has raised eyebrows to which the CEO of Bjorkloven is welcoming the investigation.

The Allegation

Bjorkloven were up 3-0 in the contest when they gave up 7 goals. According to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston, so much money was placed on Mora that “the odds changed in unusual ways” to the point that the game was removed from betting sites.

The allegation is that several players on Bjorkloven “deliberately acted” in manner that directly benefited Mora. The CEO of the team released a statement on the club’s official website calling it “completely unacceptable”.

“I hope that this is sorted out properly and that we turn over all the stones that can be turned over. Only the suspicion is serious enough, but if it turns out to be true, it is of course completely unacceptable and something that must never occur in our association. These players are trained in what applies in Björklöven and this is so far from the culture we stand for,” says Anders Blomberg, who after the match gathered the whole team and the coaching staff to talk through both the effort and the suspicions.

Anders Blomberg

He continued to express disappointment, and vowed to the fans the team will improve after the loss.

New York Rangers prospect Olof Lindbom played in goal for Mora

olof lindbom
Olof Lindbom (Getty images)

The Rangers stunned fans at the 2018 draft by selecting Olof Lindbom in the second round. His unwitting role was being the winning goaltender in a match where he stopped 25 of 29 shots.

Unfortunately, after being drafted he suffered an ankle injury that required surgery which set him back. He told us in an exclusive interview back in June that the Rangers played a role in his rehab.

I have great people that help me, including a physician, physiotherapist and mental coach. Injuries can have a mental impact on a player and that’s often forgotten. Experiencing these injuries, and getting the help that I was offered, will help me throughout my career. You learn how to deal with this

Olof Lindbom

It is never fun for anyone to even be associated with any scandal. Sadly, Lindbom was the goalie for the winning side but fortunately he wasn’t playing for Bjorkloven.

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