Report: Henrik Lundqvist Is Not Going Anywhere

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According to the New York Post, Henrik Lundqvist plans on spending his full NHL career with the Rangers.

While that may not seem like a shock for most, there has been the thought that Lundqvist might consider waiving his NMC to seek out a Stanley Cup, a la Ray Bourque. But King Henrik put all of those worries to rest when he told the Post’s Larry Brooks “I want to play for one organization. This one. I love it here. I want to be here and battle through the ups and downs, the good and the bad. It’s important to me.”

Lundqvist has three years left on his contract, all of which carry the aforementioned no-move clause. But Lundqvist isn’t thinking about the future. He wants to win now and wants to play in front of the best team possible. “The competitor in me wants us to have the best team possible right here and now. I’m not hoping we have a contending team in two or three years.” 

Henrik Lundqvist has been the face of this Rangers organization since entering the NHL over a decade ago, and his commitment to the Rangers has never been questioned. Seeing this kind of a statement from King Henrik, who has done everything this organization has asked, will do nothing but further the love that Rangers fans have for their favorite Swede.

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