Report: Lias Andersson opens up about why he left the Rangers

Lias Andersson found himself like a ship without a rudder lost at sea. In a new Swedish interview, Andersson opens up about how his loss of confidence led to a downward spiral that caused him to put a stop to his career and go home.

Bad Habits

Before Lias left the Rangers, he was so down that he was staying up very late playing video games waiting for friends from Sweden to wake up and come online. It got so bad that he sometimes took sleeping pills and he felt things were getting worse.

“I sat and played video games all night, just waiting for the Swedes to wake up at home to go to work. So I could call and talk some trash.. It was bad habits.”

Lias Andersson

Eventually he felt like a hamster on a wheel and needed to get off. His confidence so depleted that he doubted he could play anymore. So he made the tough decision to leave the Wolf Pack and go home to Sweden to reset himself.

Andersson (Getty Images)

Ready For Anything

Lias Andersson finally got back to playing hockey in the SHL and is open for anything, including an NHL return. He told GP about what’s next, “ I have no idea what’s going on. No [expletive] idea whatsoever. I just practice – and see what happens. I’m open to anything.” He has one more year on his deal with the Rangers who will still hold his rights after the ELC expires. Andersson could play for HV71 next season, but it is doubtful he would come back to the Rangers affiliate in Hartford. Either way, the more he plays the more his value increases for the trade he demanded this season.

The good news is that Andersson is now feeling well both mentally and physically. He’s regained confidence and is determined to continue his hockey career.

Credit to Johan Rylander for help with translation. His full story is below.