Tony DeAngelo for Sam Bennett trade makes sense for both Flames and Rangers

The Calgary Flames are healthy scratching Sam Bennett tonight and it is raising red flags everywhere. Especially when you consider they are being rumored as potential players in trading for Tony DeAngelo from the Rangers.

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NHL Rumors: Sam Bennett scratched

Darren Dreger noted that there is nothing going on with Bennett on the trade front, but now that he’s officially out of the lineup one can’t help but wonder.

That’s because yesterday, Bob McKenzie mentioned the Flames first and foremost in the four teams apparently interested in Tony DeAngelo. And let’s not pretend Bennett’s name hasn’t been in the rumor mill for days now.

The big question now is whether Treliving is willing to sell low on a guy who was the highest draft pick in Calgary’s franchise history? That can be a tough trade to win, even if the production has never matched the potential. If the Flames offload Bennett, they will immediately be shopping for the same attributes, although preferably in a right-handed package.


Sam Bennett for Tony DeAngelo makes sense

tony deangelo
Jan 31, 2020; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo (77) takes a shot during pregame warmups prior to the game against the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers need centers, the Flames need defense – it’s fairly simple to connect these two dots.

Financially, the Flames are paying the 24 year-old Bennett $2.55 million and have $1.337 in space to play with. The Rangers would be willing to eat some of DeAngelo’s salary to make it work, just not 50%.

If the Rangers were to retain maybe $1 million on DeAngelo, the Flames could make this deal work. Both sides get what they need and two birds are killed with one stone as they say.