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As the University of Connecticut finished their fourth Hockey East season, Adam Huska completed his sophomore season with the Huskies. Adam Huska joined the university in the 2016-17 season, playing 21 games. In the following season, he played in 27 games and became the starting goalie for UConn.

Selected with the 184th pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, Adam Huska began his journey to the National Hockey League. The Rangers scouts felt that he would be a quality goalie down the road in the organization.

The 2016-17 season was the first year of a semi-professional atmosphere for Adam Huska. As a college student and freshman, Adam Huska had a lot to learn on and off the ice. He began to learn from coach Mike Cavanaugh, navigating the ways of Hockey East. The tough college league has strong competition, and as the new kid on the block, UConn was still developing their identity in the league and adapting to Hockey East.

In 21 games played, Adam Huska managed a record of 7-9-4 with a goals-against average of 2.87. He also recorded one shutout in his freshman season. The goalie faced tough teams every night. The university had a few tough nights and Adam Huska was the guy that had to hold down the crease in big moments. He was buzzing a few games, making spectacular saves. The more I watched Adam Huska, the more I enjoyed his style in net. The goalie wants to win and he is performing his best night in and night out. For a first-year goalie, he did well on a team that was still building up their reputation in a tough league. He faced Boston University, Boston College, University of Mass Lowell, and Providence College.  Those teams are not easy to play against, and usually, have NHL drafted players and other strong players from reputation.

The 2017-18 season was a strong season for the second year goalie as Huska became the primary goalie for the university. Despite the early struggles by the club, Adam Huska gave the Huskies a chance to win in every contest. He looked comfortable in net and was aggressive when he needed to. The strength of Adam Huska had me impressed as he was able to make complicated saves and move quickly.

The more games he played, the better he became. In the 27 games played, he recorded a goals-against average of 2.59, going 8-16-2. The record can seem rough, but that was not all on Adam Huska. UConn is still trying to build up their program in Hockey East. As a fan of the Huskies, they performed better than my expectations, winning a program high of 15 games. In the second half of the season, the group picked up their play and beat opponents such as Boston College and David Quinn’s Boston University. Adam Huska was a part of the action as well in net once returning from injury. UConn was giving their best in front of the Rangers prospect as he faced many defensive breakdowns. That is more experience for him down the road.

Will the Rangers offer him an Entry Level Contract?

The 21-year-old is still not signed by New York, however, the Rangers still have time to sign the goalie. With the current situation, we could see the prospect playing with Hartford down the road. The Wolf Pack have the option to sign him on a professional tryout agreement once the Huskies conclude their 2018-19 season. How early depends on the feeling throughout the organization. The goalie has promise and he is another goalie that we should be excited about. His development must continue with the Wolf Pack. How long he stays in Hockey East will be up in the air too. There are situations where the NHL team gives their prospect an entry-level contract and as a result, will not return to their college team. Adam Huska looks like he will complete his junior season with the Huskies.

Adam Huska Analysis

As mentioned before, the goalie is off to a good start in Hockey East. He is mobile and able to adapt to any situation quickly. There can be moments where he overcommits on a play and is out of position, but that can be fixed. He is only a second-year goalie as well, so mistakes and errors will happen. For me, seeing a player’s development prior to playing in the American Hockey League level is interesting. Normally, the players I watch are ready to play in the minor leagues, hoping to make the jump to the big club. This time, I am focusing on a player that is hoping to get signed by New York and eventually with the Wolf Pack. Being under the wing of Mike Cavanaugh will help the young goalie. Adam Huska is getting better and better as the season progresses. He will return next season as a better goalie. He will be the Huskies’ number one goalie and is likely to play more games. He is helping UConn build a solid reputation in the league.

I can see Adam Huska getting signed in the future. I can see him becoming a good quality goalie in the organization. It will take time, folks, do not expect him in New York just yet. Let the development happen. This is exciting to witness to my own eyes, a goalie from the college level up to the minor league, and hopefully beyond.

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