Write For Forever Blueshirts?

Whether you’re a veteran journalist or an armchair sports fan, Forever Blueshirts is looking for sports reporters and writers.

Sports Writer Opportunities

Forever Blueshirts Contributors

  • Site contributors write at least twice a week on topics of their choosing based on an agreed selection of team(s).
  • Contributors are able to write more if they choose, including reactions to breaking news stories about the team(s) they’re covering for Forever Blueshirts.

Why write for Forever Blueshirts?

  • Nearly nine years old, Forever Blueshirts is a premier New York Rangers hockey site, with thousands of readers daily and a huge following online. 
  • If you contribute to Forever Blueshirts, we promise to display your work prominently and proudly, promoting you across our networks and social platforms.

How much experience do you require?

  • We all start at zero. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran or just started writing, we love making new friends. We don’t bite.
  • We’ve been through enough resumes to tell you the one obvious thing about writing is that YOU MUST WRITE.
  • There’s not much concern about where you went to school. It’s more important to everyone in sports journalism that you’re continuing to write as much as possible to hone your craft. 
  • A degree may get you a “hello”, yet a hungry writer creating content every day is going to be much more attractive to everyone… including us.

Are Forever Blueshirts positions paid?

  • Yes. Forever Blueshirts’ contributors earn a revenue share on the content they produce. 
  • This method of payment incentivizes you to write.

If you are interested in becoming a Forever Blueshirts contributor please get in touch. Please include examples of your work.