The Amazing Kreider-Man to the Rescue!

Chris Kreider is now shooting pain free at practice (NYR)

Chris Kreider is now shooting pain free at practice (NYR)

Chris Kreider WILL PLAY TONIGHT! No insider info needed to figure this one out.

Chris Kreider has taken the ice today with his teammates in a red practice jersey. That signifies full participation and a sure sign that CK20 will take the ice tonight in game 4!

Original Article: 5/6/14 Is Chris Kreider going to suit up for game 4? All the signs point to it being a real possibility. Today on a conference call, subtle hints were dropped about his return.

Yesterday at practice, Kreider was taking shots. Ron Duguay commented afterwards: “you are putting so much pressure on that wrist, you are snapping the puck, the weight is on your wrist and the stick hitting that puck, there is a lot of pressure there. You have to be close to 90-95% to do that. That is good news, seeing that he can slap a puck.” All that remains is a visit with the doctors today to get clearance. The expectation is that it will happen and he will suit up for game 4 tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden.

Bottom Line: Chris Kreider is desperately needed to provide more balance to the lines. some scoring punch and a new look to the power play. If he can shoot, he can play. Expect him to be suit and make a difference in game four.

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