AV gives Lias Andersson a pass over throwing away silver medal

Andersson doesn’t want his medal (TSN)

The talk of the hockey world today, has been Rangers’prospect, Lias Anderson throwing away his Silver Medal into the crowd. No matter how you feel about the incident, it’s hard to pass judgment on a young man who is still maturing and caught up in a very emotional moment.Here is Lias throwing away the medal.

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Here’s is Lias telling reporters he doesn’t regret throwing the medal away, even though he got it back.
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Alain Vigneault on Lias

AV: “I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been told. You want your players to compete, to be competitive, to not like to lose. All that part I like about it….Behavior, onduct? He’s a young man, but he wants to win, so that’s real positive.”

Lias did take to Twitter to thank Sweden for their support in the tournament

I love the kid’s competitive fire and deep disappointment with losing. In the end, he should and will learn from this. No one is perfect. Not me, not you, no one.

Never forget, Martin Brodeur refused to shake Sean Avery’s hand after a playoff series. Sidney Crosby once skipped a handshake line, and Erik Karlsson said he’d put his silver medal on eBay. All three were all older and more respected than this kid.

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