Brandon Prust and The Canadiens Are Ready For War!

Price missed practice after this game 1 collision (AP)

Price missed practice after this game 1 collision (AP)

The Habs are angry and it’s going to come out in game 2 on Monday night. If losing 7-2 on home ice wasn’t bad enough, their number one goalie, Carey Price may be out.  Today, they stepped out on the ice and Price lasted all of 5 minutes before leaving.

Maybe Montreal’s coach was fibbing when he said he pulled Price to protect him. Former Ranger, Brandon Prust was in no mood to mince words, “We’re in the NHL. He should know how to fall. We call it accidentally on purpose.” Prust said.

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There was plenty of rumblings from other Canadiens as well, but few wanted to comment. Head coach Michel Therrein did tell reporters this today:

“Today is an optional practice,  and this is a therapy day for (Price).  I reviewed the incident, and obviously  it  was  an accidental contact.  Put it this way, (he) didn’t make much effort to avoid the contact.”

So the consensus in Montreal’s dressing room is Kreider ran the goalie. How do you think the Habs plan to pay back the Rangers. For one, they’ll go after Kreider, but he’s a big boy and can handle himself. The real fear, they’ll run Lundqvist. Don’t think for a second that Brandon Prust wouldn’t run his former buddy. It’s the Eastern Conference Finals and there are no “old” friendships.

Chris Kreider spoke briefly about the play yesterday, “I put it wide and somehow lost my footing. I thought maybe someone pressured me from behind. I seem to have an issue staying on my feet on those.”

His teammates feel the same way, especially Brad Richards, “I’ve never seen a hockey player that can score an important goal on a breakaway and would rather run into a goalie and figure out a way to get a goalie.” The feeling in the Rangers locker room is that Kreider is so fast, he can barely stop himself.

As for Carey Price, you need to remember he missed time after the Olympics with an knee injury. He’s been dealing with chronic tendinitis and the contact may have actually flared it up. As per Therrein, he is a game time decision.

Lastly, the Canadiens are embarrassed and angry. Rene Bourque said after game 1, “We got our asses kicked.” That sentiment was shared throughout the Habs locker room. Another thought they all agree with is game 2 will be about payback.

Get ready for war Rangers, the Habs are mad!


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