Why buying out Dan Girardi is not a good option

Girardi watches Lundqvist save (Getty)

Girardi watches Lundqvist save (Getty)

“It’s addition by subtraction”, seems to be the philosophy of many Ranger fans and bloggers when it comes to the possibility of buying out Dan Girardi. Those yelling the loudest are the ones who believe blindly in advanced analytics (aka: fancy stats, corsi/fenwick). However, the ramifications to the Rangers proverbial “Stanley Cup Window” would all but slam shut.

Here’s why:

Girardi buyout hit vs Lundqvist's age

Girardi buyout hit vs Lundqvist’s age

Per Cap Friendly, the Girardi buyout breakdown is not too bad next year, but will really have an impact for the next 3 years after (2017-2020). Basically, in Hank’s final years as a Ranger he will be trying to capture the Stanley Cup with his team in a near 4M cap disadvantage.

My question to those who are screaming for his buyout is simple. How does saving about 2M in a year for three seasons increase the Rangers Stanley Cup chances? What difference maker are you adding to the team that makes 2M a year? Brian Campbell, an aging defenseman ala Dan Boyle part2? You are adding no one! That is why this option doesn’t really help the Rangers moving forward. Matter of fact, all it does is temporarily shut up the fancy stats contingent of the Blueshirt faithful…at least until they find another scapegoat that doesn’t meet their corsi satisfaction.

Girardi smash (Photo Credit: David Pokress)

Girardi smash (Photo Credit: David Pokress)

No the best option is to give Dan Girardi, who is only 31 the summer to heal and the benefit of the doubt. Girardi has been playing with injuries suffered from the last playoffs to his recent concussion at the end of this regular season. He warrants being given a chance to redeem himself and show that he can at least be a serviceable top 4 defenseman.

After next year, his Full No Move clause becomes a limited no trade. That will be the time to move him, not now. He could provide some veteran leadership to a young team or be the missing piece to a team with a chance to win the Cup. Right now, with his no move clause it’s not really an option, plus his value is too low.

The Rangers need to hold fast and continue with Girardi on the blue-line, at least for 1 more season. After that, it would be wise to move him simply for the additional cap space it would provide. Aging defenseman who play as physical a style hardly hold up anymore in this league, so it would be prudent to plan ahead.

Henrik Lundqvist is holding the Rangers Stanley Cup window open by force. As long as he’s in goal and playing at this level, he’s basically wedged it open. The Rangers shouldn’t add pressure to it closing by making a rash move like buying out Dan Girardi.

Think I’m wrong? Take a look at what the old guys are doing in San Jose in the these playoffs. Let’s give the Rangers biggest warrior, one more year.

Go ahead Girard-haters…sound off below but keep it clean.

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