DeAngelo under fire after just one preseason game

Tony DeAngelo made his Rangers debut at the Garden in last night’s 1-0 OT win over the Islanders. Instead of talking about his rock solid game that earned him the third star of the contest, the NY Post inserted his politics into a headline that reads, “Rangers Trump-Loving Bad Boy Wants A Fresh Start”.

Was it necessary?

In fairness, the answer will vary depending on your own political views. Personally, I like to use sports as a break from all the red-hot political rhetoric these days. The facts are simple, DeAngelo has a troubled history on the ice. As the article correctly states:

“…suspended twice in the OHL for violating the league policy “to keep homophobic, racist and sexist language out of the game,” which he was in 2014. Nor have most players been suspended twice for abuse of an official, which DeAngelo was once in junior and once again for three games last season when he was getting his 39-game cup of coffee with the Coyotes.”

His bad boy reputation is earned, he has to own it and change it for the better. It is also factual that he has openly supported President Donald Trump on twitter. However, it has no bearing on the story since he didn’t skate around the ice with a MAGA hat during pre game warmups. Unlike NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem, he isn’t trying to make a political statement on the ice.

By including “Trump-Loving”, the Post is certainly looking to sensationalize the headline. Controversy converts to clicks in 2017, it is that simple. Intentionally or unintentionally they continue the political divide by demonizing DeAngelo for supporting Trump (based on your political views).

It just doesn’t seem necessary in telling his story.

The NYPOST changes the headline

This morning, I addressed the author about it on twitter. Brett Crygalis noted that HE doesn’t make the headlines and his intent was not to demonize. After the exchange, I noticed the POST changed the headline.

In fairness to Brett, here’s our brief exchange:

DeAngelo Must Face His Past

For the record, this isn’t the first time the NYPOST has brought up DeAngelo’s political leanings. I also want it to be clear, that I am NOT defending his use of slurs.

Due to the political climate, this fanbase is a powder keg that can, has, and will explode at any minute with one another. DeAngelo is truly going to be a polarizing figure and will have an uphill battle to succeed here.

However, some of the same people that want DeAngelo out of NY already are the same people that adore Sean Avery. The same player that once referred to an accomplished actress (Elisha Cuthbert) as his “sloppy seconds”.

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Matter of fact, last night on twitter, DeAngelo addressed a false accusation that he called former Ranger, Anthony Duclair a racial slur.

Which brings me to my point, DeAngelo has made his bed and now must lay in it. He must face his past and try to move forward. The onus is on him to correct his image and try to change hearts and minds.

That’s the story. Not his political leanings.

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