Dreger: “Rangers going to hit a homerun” on Cam Talbot trade

Talbot (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Talbot (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Darren Dreger was on TSN 690 this morning and gave some insight on the Cam Talbot trade talks.

[su_quote cite=”Dreger transcript via Chris Nichols” url=”https://www.todaysslapshot.com/from-the-ice/dreger-talbot-in-chiarellis-crosshairs/”]“Now, we’re not talking about game-stealers, but Edmonton and Buffalo are in a different scenario here. Those are teams that can afford a relatively young goalie. But Cam Talbot, what is he – 26, 27 years of age. That’s usually the time where a goalie shows his development and where he’s at. Do they get much better past 27? Yeah, potentially. But you’ve got a real strong indication of where they’re headed by that time, and that’s why Talbot is so highly-regarded. “But beyond that, I don’t hear any bigger names from a goaltending perspective. But even those players – the New York Rangers, based on the interest they’re getting in Cam Talbot, they’re just giggling in the background. They know he’s a good goalie. They know that. But they’re going to hit a home run on rate of return.[/su_quote]

Be prepared for the Rangers to bring in a haul on draft day or just before. The NHL Draft is scheduled to begin on June 26th.