Editorial: “Hey Pal, Sorry I Broke Your Jaw!”

Stepan lays motionless on the ice after illegal hit by Prust (Getty)

Stepan lays motionless on the ice after illegal hit by Prust (Getty)

Is Brandon Prust serious? Today he addressed the media and informed them that he never meant to hurt his old buddy Stepan.  Well paint me suspicious, what exactly were you trying to do?

Let’s be serious here for a minute. Prust looked like a Great White Shark just beneath the waves, exploding to attack a helpless seal!

Prust's late hit (ctsy @myregularface)

Prust’s late hit (ctsy @myregularface)

Let me help complete the vision: giphy   I’d love to see what the texts look like also. You have to imagine it looked something like this:

Fake iPhone Texts between Prust and Stepan

Fake iPhone Texts between Prust and Stepan

Here’s Prust’s full comments from Canadiens.NHL.com: “I know obviously New York fans aren’t happy, and rightfully so. They’re passionate fans and they protect their players, just like their organization does and just like Montreal fans would do for me,” said Prust, who played with Stepan during the Rangers forward’s first two years in the league. “I’m not too worried – they’re not my fans anymore. I’m in Montreal now and those are my fans and that’s who I care about. I remember my time here and love this city and appreciate this organization, but I’m focused on getting ready and coming back for Game 6, not about that other stuff.

“I did text Step,” he added. “Once I found out he had a broken jaw, I reached out for him and texted him. I feel awful. I didn’t want to injure anybody, especially a friend of mine. I told him exactly what I told you guys. I hope he recovers well.”


Michel Therrein is turning out to be quite the goon coach. Today he had a whole lot to say about Brassard and the Rangers. Old man Sather decided he would piss off the coach by watching practice today. Therrein whined about breaking a gentleman’s agreement. You sir are no gentleman.

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