Enough! Just fire this coaching staff already

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No more watching this coaching staff continue to play the same system that bleeds shots and puts these young defensemen in a position to fail.


No more watching Henrik Lundqvist basically blindfolded and given a cigarette as he faces NHL firing squads with zero support.


No more watching AV blame Henrik Lundqvist for not making that “extra save” or his players for making mistakes without ever taking any responsibility for his own shortcomings.


“We got some Good Looks.” Ranger fans have heard that AV term in almost every post game presser this season. There’s nothing good about what we are watching Alain.


Dressing Cody McLeod. What is he deterring? Who is he protecting? He can’t keep up and he can’t play anymore. Meanwhile Vinni Lettieri is in the minors.


The Rangers are not making the playoffs. Management knows this and AV and his coaches know this too. It will not stop this coach from pushing these players and making decisions (like letting Lundqvist get peppered nightly) that adversely impact his team’s mindset.

The same decisions that will negatively impact the development of some of the younger players too if this continues. Some may read that and say, “What are you crazy? He’s playing the kids.” To that I respond, yes he is playing them but he’s doing so by making zero adjustments to his system to fit his personnel.

Let’s not forget when AV was hired in 2013-14, the Rangers wallowed for 2 months until his veteran team figured out his system. If it took his veteran team 2 months to get with his program, how long do you think it will take a group of kids who never played with each other before now? It just makes no sense.

AV and his Staff Need to Go Now

For the sake of the kids, cut the cord now.

For the sake of the fans, let them go now.

For the sake of Henrik Lundqvist’s sanity, fire this staff today.

It doesn’t matter who they bring in for the remainder of the season. Just do it. The other plus is that they can stop the charade that they aren’t firing him when the season ends, and can begin an earnest search for a good young coach.

Hank has had ENOUGH!
The team has had ENOUGH!
The fans have had ENOUGH!

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