Fulltilt Exclusive: Inside New York Rangers Fan Forum (with Video)

NYR FAN FORUM (Photos and video courtesy of author)

NYR FAN FORUM (Photos and video courtesy of author)

Ranger’s broadcaster, Dave Maloney, met up with blueshirts forwards, Mats Zuccarello, Carl Hagelin and Martin St. Louis along with defensemen Dan Boyle and Marc Staal on Thursday night at the Best Buy Theatre in New York City.  This special event is only offered to season ticket holders which allows the fans to get to know the players off the ice.

First off, the trio of Mats Zuccarello, Carl Hagelin and Derick Brassard is a unique one. Although Brassard wasn’t present at this event, he was brought up a lot in conversation. When asked what the players enjoy doing on their days off, Hagelin and Zucc responded with “the zoo” while laughing followed by Hagelin’s comment that it was a “lovely Sunday!”

They were reffering to a few weeks ago when Zuccarello posted an instagram picture of him, Brassard and Hags at the Bronx Zoo. Dave Maloney asked if they wore matching shirts or anything like that, which Hagelin explained they only wore matching hats.  “A lot of guys were all over us about that” Hagelin stated “especially Staalsy.” Marc Staal made a point to then poke some fun at them, talking about their “hipster hats” and referring to them as a “little crew” and the “boys in the blueshirts.”

[su_video url=”https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG_7859.mov” title=”NYRFF”]

The fans found it all amusing and hilarious as the audience was laughing the entire hour and change the players were on stage.

In my opinion, the funniest part of the night was Zuccarello referring to himself as the “David Beckham of Norway.” He explained that he loved watching soccer as a child in Norway and that he looked up to David Beckham. Beckham continued to come up in conversation throughout the night after that. Zuccarello is very fond of Victoria Beckham — he’s even gone to Spice Girls Concerts. All in good fun, Zuccarello jokingly agreed when Hagelin stated that Zuccs calls himself “David Beckham of Norway.”  “I’m just trying to be a little, yeah humble here but – yeah it’s hard.. it’s hard to stay humble when you’re David Beckham of Norway, I guess!” See video below!

[su_video url=”https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG_7861.mov” title=”NYRFF”]

It was great to see all the boys contribute to all the witty joke and amusing conversation –  whether it was St. Louis and Boyler going back and forth making fun of one another, or Marc Staal talking about how he enjoys impersonating other players for fun.

Watch here:

[su_video url=”https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG_7860.mov” title=”Hags on his Flow”]


St. Louis and Dan Boyle were reffered to throughout the night as the “old guys on the team.” I mean, after all, they did win a cup together back in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lighting. They laughed and went along with it and they also gave the fans some insite into the adjustment period of coming to New York. St. Louis is still helping Boyle adjust to commuting into the city for games during his first few months of this season with the Blueshirts. They are both located outside the city in suburban areas with their families and Boyle made it known how greatful he is for Marty and how he appreciates the “hand holding” on the train and in New York. Marty says Boyle and himself “fight like brothers.”

[su_video url=”https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IMG_7857-11.mov” title=”NYRFF”]

Staal impersonated Marty behind the net waving his stick in the air for the puck for the fans. It was amusing – very amusing. He also spoke about how he enjoys going home for the summer and gets to work out and skate with his brothers and enjoys “Sunday soup” at his parents home every sunday.


Being able to see the chemistry of these players off the ice, shows why they can be so good on the ice. They all get along and obviously enjoy each other’s company.


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