Former Rangers player turned analyst, Kypreos believes teams talking to RFA agents about offer sheets

Nick Kypreos (SN)

Former Blueshirt and now analyst, Nick Kypreos stated on the latest edition of Saturday Headlines, that many pending RFA’s are “really intrigued” about offer sheets this summer.

As I’ve mentioned before, this summer presents a rare opportunity for GM’s because there isn’t just one or two marquee RFA’s but a field of franchise stars potentially hitting the market and the only likely way to land one is with an offer sheet.

GM’s talking with RFA agents?

During Sportsnet’s segment yesterday (around the 4:00 mark), Kypreos revealed why Mitch Marner is likely looking for the season to end before talking new contract.

Then Kypreos dropped the bomb that he believes behind the scenes there are teams telling these agents they may offer sheet their players. Let me just stress that Kypreos used the word “believe”, which sounds more like speculation than it does reporting.

Still it is an intriguing possibility and will make for an interesting free agent season.

Key RFA’s this Summer
  1. Auston Matthews, TOR
  2. Patrick Laine, WPG
  3. Mitch Marner, TOR
  4. Mikko Rantanen, COL
  5. Brayden Point, TB

Full RFA list here

Those 5 players could certainly help any franchise, especially the New York Rangers. I have watched a ton of Leafs games this season and have seen almost every one of Matthews goals. What makes him a sniper is his ability to turn almost any shot into a dangerous scoring chance. Matthews can snap it off the pass, on the fly, and be deadly accurate from almost any odd angle. He is simply put the best goal scorer in the game today and the foreseeable future. Should he make it to RFA status, the Rangers should break the bank for him.

Of course, throwing an offer sheet at anyone of the players mentioned above wouldn’t hurt either.

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