FullTilt Rangers fan gets an assist from Zuccarello on Prom date

Mission Accomplished (photo ctsy of Vinny Mutone)

Mission Accomplished (photo ctsy of Vinny Mutone)

Vinny Mutone, a big fan of FullTilt Rangers and the Blueshirts, went to last night’s Rangers’ game on a mission. When it was all said and done, he completed his goal and kissed the girl in the end, with a big assist from Mats Zuccarello.

I reached out to Vinny, who is from Bohemia, NY to tell me a little more about his memorable night with now Prom Date, Catherine.

FTNYR: Ok Vinny, we know how it all turned out but what made you come up with the idea?
Vinny:  It all started when I bought my tickets about a week before last night’s game. I realized I had to start figuring out a way to ask her to prom and I figured that doing it at the Rangers game would be my best bet. I thought that maybe I’ll make a sign, and see what happens but I honestly did not expect it to go the way it did.
[su_quote cite=”NYDN” url=”https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/mats-zuccarello-helps-rangers-fan-prom-date-article-1.2548269″]Zuccarello said the sign was hard to read at first and it took him time to get the whole message. “Gotta help a buddy out,” Zuccarello said. “Gotta help him get to prom.” The Norwegian winger signed the poster and stick after the game, writing on the stick: “Have fun at prom. Treat her right!!”[/su_quote]
FTNYR: So once Zuccarello recognized the sign…how did it go down?
Vinny: We head down towards the ice for warm ups when I first spotted Zucc. I watched him read my poster and I got the biggest smile. Other Rangers were skating past and stopped to read and having a nice laugh or grin. At one point, Kevin Hayes actually skated up to Zucc, nudged him, and basically asked, “so what are you gunna do?”. At that moment Zucc skated to the bench, called over his equipment manager and told him to grab his back up stick. Next thing I know Zucc walks out, passes the stick up to a security guard who handed it to me.
FTNYR: Who was more excited you or her?
Vinny: I’ll be honest, I started bawling lol. Being both die hard Ranger fans, we both began to flip out, but since I cried (with dignity) I have to say I was the most excited.
FTNYR: Now that you fan famous among the Garden Faithful, how does it feel?
Vinny: Being known by the garden faithful is such a blessing, I’ve always wanted to be a part of that tight-knit family and it feels great to be recognized. To have my name and existence be passed around in the locker room and by Al Trautwig and Ron Duguay during the post game show is a dream come true. Zucc is a class act for what he did for me and it’s a night that will go down as one of the best (in my life).
FTNYR: Any special prom plans?
Vinny: We are wearing red white and blue and I’ll also be wearing a Zucc jersey to represent the Blueshirts during prom. And yes, I’m bringing the stick. I’ll be taking more pictures with that than my actual date.
FTNYR: What’s your predicition for the rest of the season?
Vinny: My prediction for the rest of the season is to finish in a happy second place, may what ever happens after that be up to the hockey gods (and hopefully in our favor). Thanks for reaching out to me.
Thanks for the time and additional insight Vinny and like Zucc wrote on your stick, “Have Fun at Prom and treat her right!”

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