FTR’s Guide to the Winter Olympic’s Men’s Hockey Tournament

Could USA and Canada face off in a 2010 Gold Medal Rematch? Only time will tell.

Could USA and Canada face off in a 2010 Gold Medal Rematch? Only time will tell.

Ah, the Olympics. A break from the norm, where countries come together to show what sports they’re really good at in the winter time. Now a little break has happened in the NHL, so players around the league could represent their country, which could be for the final time if the league has their way for the 2018 winter games.

But, let’s focus on this year’s game. The heavy favorites are still the heavy favorites (United States and Canada), the home country wants to interrupt the party (Russia), and two outsiders looking in to play spoiler have a very good chance at doing so (Finland and Sweden). Yet, really what does that all mean?

That a lot of teams can make the medal round, but it will only be four.

While the games start tomorrow with two games, the United States and Canada open up their quests for gold on Thursday. There will be no chance to see Canada and the United States face off against one another until the earliest the quarter final round, both teams have tough tasks to get past the round robin, but with the United States facing a favorite, and host Russian team on Saturday, Group A should be very interesting and fun to watch.

Follow us throughout the tournament as we look at the Olympic Rangers and see how they hold up during this two week tournament to crown the World’s Best.

* All team USA round robin games will be broadcasted on NBCSN.

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