Henrik Lundqvist intends to finish his contract with Rangers in latest interview

Henrik Lundqvist continues his tour on the Swedish interview circuit. The latest comest from SportBladet where the legendary Rangers goalie confirms he has no idea what the future holds, but is intent on finishing out his contract.

“It’s uncertain on so many levels at the moment, so I’m just trying to live in the present. But when this season is finally over, no matter what happens, I’ll sit down and discuss with the Rangers and hear what the club has plans for. Then we will see.”

Henrik Lundqvist on his future

Strange Times

Henrik was asked about his experiences since the NHL Pause due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. “I don’t remember the exact dates, but we booked airline tickets for a Friday and the Wednesday before New York was shut down completely.” Henrik continued, “It was incredibly strange for a city where there is always do much life was all of a sudden totally shutdown.”

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When it comes to what getting back to normal will look like, Henrik admitted it will probably take a long time for New York. He also said that all his close friends are good and have made their way out of Manhattan to places like Long Island.

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On His Future and the NHL Return to Play

The topic shifted to playing again this season in an expanded 24 team playoffs without fans in attendance. Lundqvist said that playing without fans “would certainly feel strange.” However, once the games start Lundqvist was straight foward, “I still think we will light up and the drive to win will be there as usual.”

Of course, there is still plenty of uncertainty. Lundqvist is back to practicing on the ice and says it feels very much like preseason now. He also knows nothing more than the rest of us but is in constant communication with the Rangers.

Finally, the topic of his immediate future was brought up. Lundqvist was candid and expressed what he’s said before, and that is to speak with the Rangers when the season is over. However, playing again in Sweden with brother Joel with Frolunda seems like a real possibility.

“I hear that Joel gets a lot questions about that,” Lundqvist said laughingly. “I’ve never closed any doors, but I have an NHL contract and the plan is to finish that. Then yes, we will see what happens.”

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