Henrik Lundqvist rumors and the Rangers future in goal

Let’s face it, these rumors won’t go away, especially if Larry Brooks continues to write columns like he did yesterday. Even though there’s no reports that he’s asked for a trade, been asked by the team to waive his clause, or even any confirmed reports of teams asking about his availability, Lundqvist appears to be gone.

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Brooks’ Prophecy Theory

Larry Brooks’ latest isn’t a one off. Matter of fact it’s at least the third or fourth article in recent memory that he’s discussed Lundqvist’s future. In each one he’s written or implied a trade or a buyout. All that remains is the inevitable retirement at the end of this season column. The main tenet in yesterday’s post hinges on a Swedish interview and a May 6th, 2019 email to the NYPOST. To sum up both, Henrik stated he wasn’t sure if he’d finish his career as a Ranger.

I don’t know if I’ll stay with the Rangers my entire career,” Lundqvist had said to the Swedish newspaper, Expressen, before the May 6 email. “I know what I want but if the club has other ideas, I’ll have to listen.


For the record all Hank has said about his future this season came off the tail end of a response with regards to Eli Manning. He stated that no matter what he will always see himself as a Ranger.

Lundqvist (Photo by Robert Hradil/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Gorton on Hank’s Future

Since Brooks is pulling things out from last May, I figured I’d do the same. Last season in prepping for the draft, Jeff Gorton spoke with Mike Zeisberger of NHL.com about Lundqvist’s future.

Hank has two more years and we’re prepared that he’s going to be a Ranger. We’ll move forward like that. I think that if you look over the season, the first part of the year was great, second part not as good, he made the All-Star team. … So we know that Hank’s still a good goalie. Obviously what we’re doing, we’re going to need goaltending. We’re acting like Hank’s back and wants to be back.

Jeff Gorton

So once again, unless Henrik Lundqvist goes to the team and requests to be traded it is unlikely to happen, which is what Brooks says he doubts as well. However, he goes on to write that the team may consider buying him out in the offseason to which I say that’s even a less likely outcome.

Future in Goal

The Rangers would love to have a Shesterkin and Georgiev combo for the next 7-8 years. Still the reality is this, Georgiev would be relegated to back up duties because Shesterkin is the #1 from here on. So when they trade Georgiev at the deadline or possibly the draft it will help the team more than him being the Czar’s backup. Hank would have more value as Igor’s mentor next season than whatever package of picks we could get by dealing him and still paying half of his salary. Beyond that, the Rangers are rich in goalie prospects to backup Shesterkin from Adam Huska, Tyler Wall, and Olof Lindbom.

So until I hear that Hank has asked for a trade or the Rangers are forcing him out, this is massive speculation. Speculation trying to read writings on a wall that has a high risk of misinterpretation.

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