Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour complains, “What did we grind for?”

The Carolina Hurricanes continue to espouse how unfair the 24 team return to play format is to them. Today, Carolina’s head coach Rod Brind’Amour told the hosts of ESPN on Ice that he would’ve rather they played some regular season games till all teams were even. From there he feels it would be fairer and points decide who gets in.

“I think the bigger issue felt like, and especially our guys, was like ‘what was the 68 games we played for?'” the head coach said Wednesday on the “ESPN on Ice” podcast. “What did we grind for? The bulk of the season was completed, and they just threw that out, and I think that’s how (the Hurricanes) felt,” he added. “I think that’s justifiable in a way.”

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The Problem with that Rod

Brind’Amour suggested the league should’ve figured out a way for teams to play anywhere between 5-7 games to get everyone even. So let me get this straight, a 76 game season is fair but a play in round is not? Imagine how a team would feel if they missed the playoffs by 1 point knowing if they just could play 6 more games they’d get in. That doesn’t matter to Carolina though, because they would play 7 games while the Rangers would play only 5. That’s why they feel strongly about that idea. Forget the logistics of getting all 31 teams back and creating said schedule, it’s all in the name of fairness for the Canes.

I’ll say this one more time. If Carolina was playing Montreal in the play-in round they not only would’ve voted yes, but did so while dancing and giggling. The fact is this, the Rangers went 4-0 against them this season. Simply put they own Carolina having gone 10-2 against them over the last 3 seasons. Everyone went through the grind this year. Brind’Amour highlighting that as if the Canes were the only one is what’s really unfair.

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