Is there still a chance for Lias Andersson to be a NYR?

Lias Andersson for whatever reason, good or bad, is still one of the most talked about prospects the Rangers have. There are two camps that many fans and analysts fall into when discussing him, either he wasn’t given a fair shot or he couldn’t cut it and took his hockey bag and went home. Regardless, we are still talking about a 1st round pick, 7th overall that the team still believes in or he would’ve been given away at the deadline.

Still a chance for Lias Andersson?

The saga between the Rangers and Lias Andersson is still ongoing. From his public demand for a trade to bolting the Wolf Pack, the two sides were dealing with irreconcilable differences. At this point all we know is Lias’ side of the story about playing hurt and feeling he wasn’t being treated fairy. He left for Sweden to go home and get his head and body right. Eventually, both sides connected and allowed Andersson to get back to playing. He was loaned to HV71 and was heating up before the cancellation of the season.

On March 15th, I wrote the following on Lias and the Rangers future together:

Which leads me to believe that under the current circumstances, if the AHL and NHL seasons resume, the door is not closed on a possible return. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides may have reached a point where communication is good enough to work something out. The end game is still a trade at the draft, but continuing play in North America now may be the best way to facilitate that request.

Forever Blueshirts
Andersson (HV71)

Larry Brooks Believes So

In Larry Brooks’ latest piece, he revealed the Rangers had no takers for Andersson, which translates to me Gorton didn’t have an offer he liked. More importantly, Brooks seems to confirm what I wrote just a little over a week ago.

So what now for the — repeat after me — seventh-overall pick of the 2017 draft? The Rangers, who did not get a nibble on Andersson at the Feb. 24 deadline, had hoped to be able to include him as part of a trade package during the offseason. Now, it is impossible to say given all attendant uncertainty, though given the Blueshirts’ lack of depth up-front, Andersson could wind up in New York for his fourth pro camp.


Just my thoughts, but Brooks usually doesn’t write something unless he has a hint of insight into a situation. I have reached out to several sources in Sweden to gather more information, including a reporter that covers the SHL and will update with more information as soon as possible.

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