John Davidson and the New York Rangers continue to refute rumors

“Before we get started, I just want to get into a little bit about the misinformation between Tony DeAngelo and K’Andre Miller,” John Davidson began yesterday’s press conference regarding a fan blog that “has stirred some things up.”

John Davidson and Rangers refute “sad” rumors

It was alleged that the two didn’t get along and anonymous sources in the organization told them there was concerns over DeAngelo’s treatment of Miller. This included something to do with holding onto Miller’s first goal puck.

This spiraled into questions as to why the Rangers did not post a photo of Miller with his first NHL goal. ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski spoke with Rangers SVP of PR John Rosasco who explained that due to COVID the social media team is not traveling with them, and he did not ask K’Andre for the picture.

It was also after a loss and the mood was not great. A regrettable oversight but not due to Tony DeAngelo hiding the puck from his teammate.

Miller’s agent went on record with ESPN that there was no issue with regards to the puck. “It’s K’Andre’s understanding that the NYR equipment manager, or whoever is responsible for getting it, has the puck and that it’s being framed like other first goals. At no time did he think otherwise.”

Many also questioned Miller’s agent as being involved in a PR cover up, but an agent works for his client, not the team. It’s in his best interest to protect Miller whom the Rangers have openly stated is the future of the Rangers along with Alexis Lafreniere.

Editor’s Note: We’d like to add that Joe Michelletti mentioned during a recent broadcast a player’s only meeting was held after the loss in Buffalo.

KAndre Miller
Miller already a star (Photo by Sara Schmidle/NHLI via Getty Images)

Miller and DeAngelo have a good relationship

John Davidson was visibly upset with the story and more importantly why K’Andre Miller was ever dragged into this. He also felt for DeAngelo, whose Rangers career is over. Obviously, having gotten into a fight with Alexandar Georgiev was bad enough but these rumors made matters worse for everyone. Larry Brooks went on record to even call them “scurrilous”.

“That is 100 percent false,” the Rangers President explained. “There is no truth to it whatsoever. And for people to write things like that, other people to digest it is just wrong. It’s sad, actually.”

He continued to reveal that Miller and DeAngelo had a good relationship and that the rookie was grateful for Tony’s help in the early going of the season. It was also noted that K’Andre texted with Tony after the altercation as well.

This story is not likely to go away with Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo has a documented history that includes two suspensions in the OHL for violating the league’s harassment and diversity policy for unspecified slurs. His hot-tempered and outspoken nature has gotten him into trouble on and off the ice as well, all the way up until him being placed on waivers.

It certainly makes the rumors believable for some. However, at this point and time the Rangers and K’Andre Miller’s agent have gone on record to dispute them. This does not seem to satisfy many, and even if Miller were to speak or release a statement reaffirming what the Rangers and his agent have said, it likely wouldn’t change things for them.

Ultimately, the decision is going to fall on each person to digest all the information, apply critical thinking, and decide for themselves. DeAngelo is gone, his agent is working with Jeff Gorton to facilitate a trade.

He won’t be here going forward, but the repercussions of these rumors are going to linger for awhile longer.

Note: I reached out to Pat Brisson (DeAngelo’s agent) who did not provide any further information than what has been reported. Information gathered from the Rangers is consistent with what has been published by the NY POST and other major publications.

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