Jumbo Joe Thornton on the Rangers MSG Jumbotron, why not?

Joe Thornton doesn’t want to stop playing hockey. While other NHLers are training, Jumbo Joe is playing hockey in the Swiss League. He’s doing so in preparation for another NHL season, whenever that starts.

He is also a wanted man. Apparently, the Toronto Maple Leafs were interested and now Patrick Marleau is lobbying him to come back to San Jose. Doug Wilson, Sharks GM is keeping it close to the vest, but seems interested as well.

Old Man Joe Thornton still kicking

Joe Thornton is 41 years-old and has been sporting a magnificent beard lately. He just announced he’s playing with HC Davos in the Swiss league and looks a “few” years younger thanks to a shave.

Anyone who adds Joe Thornton to their lineup isn’t doing so for his old offensive production. He isn’t that anymore as he only scored 31 points last season in 70 games.

If you sign him, it is because he is veteran presence that will give you solid minutes as a third line center. And also chip in on the second power play units.

Jumbo Joe on Broadway?

joe thornton rumors
Joe Thornton rumors (Getty Images)

Thornton is gettin ready to play, that is certain. Where he will land is to be determined because he is not signing with anyone right now. When he does sign, he will likely go for a contender or back home to San Jose.

However, what if Joe would like one season playing at Madison Square Garden? What if the Rangers have a million dollars to give him for one season? It isn’t out of the realm of possibility, especially if things turn out badly with Ryan Strome and his upcoming arbitration case.

One season in New York. How does that sound Joe? I would love to see it.

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