Lackluster Playing Leads to Montreal Win in Game 3

Hank doing what he does best (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Is there any other word but disappointment? This game had none of the life and pizzazz that New York came out with in Game 1. None. To add insult to injury, with the exception of Hank, and maybe Nash, the rest of the team basically showed up to play street hockey where any outcome is good enough. That’s a damn shame, considering they were on home ice with their fans behind them.

Hank’s Not to Blame

I fully concur this has been my mantra throughout the playoffs, but it’s the absolute truth. Had it not been for Hank, the Rangers would be down 3-0 and in danger of being swept in Round 1.

His demeanor says it all – but how much more does he have to do before the rest of the team steps up? He shies away from calling out the team as much as he can, but this is one of those rare times he did so, and they deserved it.

More effort is a must. Dumping and chasing, or turning the puck over at the blue line is not getting the team anywhere. Price is a world-class goalie, absolutely, but he’s not a brick wall — there are weaknesses — exploit those and pucks will start to go in.

Klein in for Holden, or Was He?

Holden, after abysmal play in Games 1 and 2, was a healthy scratch tonight, but he snuck in as #8 today and thought he was fooling everyone. My particular favorite? Turning the puck over at the blue line and then staring into space as Alexander Radulov scores.

Brady Skjei managed to score a goal with 1:56 to go, wiping out Price’s chance at a shutout, but that’s about the only good highlight of the game, unless you consider this:

Get it Together or Go Play Golf

Game 4 takes place on Tuesday at MSG, and if they lose… well, then they might as well get ready to go play golf. Let’s swing that momentum back in our favor and prove that we’re not one-hit wonders for the second year in a row.

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