Lias Andersson on loan to SHL HV71 as Frolunda has no room

It’s official, Lias Andersson has been put on loan to HV71 of the SHL. This is great news for both Lias and the Rangers as it can only build on Andersson’s trade value. For those of you that follow our reporting, we noted on January 7th that Andersson’s visit to Sweden was likely to be a long one. We even stated that it would likely come down to Frolunda or HV71.

Reported Interest

HV71 interest was there as soon as Andersson left the Wolf Pack and demanded a trade.

Johan Hult (HV71 manager) says that he has had contact with Andersson during the fall, including when he was in New York and met both Andersson and another former HV profile in Jesper Fast. However, he has not been in contact since the fight with Rangers began for Lias Andersson. In this whole situation right now, it’s the Rangers that control the whole bit, they’re the ones sitting on all aces right now. That’s where the ball is. But somewhere, for Lia’s sake, one hopes he gets some hockey. He is an extreme hockey guy.

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Andersson (NHL TIMMEN)

The interview with Johan Hult was straight to the point when it was asked if the Rangers made Andersson available would they be interested.

Of course we would be. It is an incredibly good hockey player. But if Rangers were to open for games in SHL I think there would be 14 clubs interested, haha.

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No Room on Frolunda

Andersson’s old SHL team Frolunda, which is run by former Ranger, Fredrik Sjöström, told Swedish reporter Johan Rylander, “We felt we had a good center side and could not meet the big role that Lias and Rangers are keen to have.” That tells me that as part of the agreement to loan Andersson, the team taking him on had to give him significant minutes.

Regardless, Rylander reports that the relationship between all parties is still in very good shape. “We like Lias and this period he has gone through has been tough,” Sjöström continued, ”and most important for him is to feel joy and get to play again.”

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