Lias Andersson to remain with HV71 making it harder for the Rangers to trade him

Disgruntled prospect, Lias Andersson has been loaned to HV71 in the SHL for next season. This will make it discernibly harder for the Rangers GM, Jeff Gorton to trade him in October.

Lias Andersson announces deal with special message

Andersson posted this video through HV-71’s Twitter that he was going to remain with the team next season. According to reporter, Johan Rylander he couldn’t pass up the comforts of home.

Translation: “What’s up? Lias Andersson here. I am happy to be playing in Jönköping for another year and see the fans ,players and coaches again. I am looking forward to a long and fun season and wish you all a nice and warm summer.” *
*Translated by contributor: Steven Voogel

In a HV71 press release sent out today Lias Andersson said:

I would like to thank Rangers for understanding my situation and my desire to play in HV71. I found my way back to the game I want to play at the end of last season and look forward to continue with HV71. During my years in HV71 and Jönköping, I have acquired many good memories and positive feelings that I will build on when we reunite at the end of July.

Lias Andersson

Lias Andersson, harder to trade

The Rangers hold the 21 year-old Andersson’s NHL rights but trying to move him in the offseason just became harder. Unless, Jeff Gorton is practically going to give him away, no other NHL team is going to take the risk of trading him and Andersson refusing to come over.

At one time, there was a lot of talk that the Edmonton Oilers would be willing to exchange Jesse Puljujarvi for Andersson at the draft. Now it appears highly unlikely to happen.

Andersson (Getty Images)

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