Lundqvist and Hayes playing great, but does that hurt the Rangers rebuild?

Hayes (GETTY)

As the quill touches the paper on this piece please direct all disagreements to the comment section. Henrik Lundqvist and Kevin Hayes are bad for the Rangers rebuilding plans.

Editor’s note: This article is dripping with sarcasm in plenty of spots. Please try and pick up on it where appropriate. And if you don’t…direct all anger at Jonathan! LOL – Anthony

King of the Castle

These numbers make no sense. This season Lundqvist has saved 223.54 goals per game. It goes without saying that the Rangers are a team that have a lot of improvements to make. Especially involving the play in front of their net minder. Still the 36 year old might be playing his best hockey right now and gives the team a chance to win every game he is in net.

Hayes’d and Confused

Kevin Hayes is playing lights out. A case could be made that Hayes has been the best forward for the Rangers for the past season and a half. As the season progresses the sign or trade debate continues to grow. Along with the value of Hayes albeit contact wise or trade wise. With 30 points in 35 games Hayes is not only having a career year, but he is on pace for about 70 points this season. Granted this not going to be a league leading total, but last year the likes of Patrik Laine, Leon Draisital and Mitch Marner were right at this total.

No this is not saying Hayes is in the same class as these players, but it does show that a 70 point season is nothing to stick the nose up to. The fanbase and organization can legitimately see the strides Hayes has made. He continues to dazzle with great vision and skill.

Actually This is Bad

If you’re a fan of the Rangers, Kevin Hayes and Henrik Lundqvist playing this well is BAD. You simply cannot have players play at their peak when you are supposed to be rebuilding. Kevin Hayes having a career year does nothing for a rebuilding team. You simply cannot enjoy a player playing this well and helping other players elevate their game.

Hayes is not an elite talent so his strong play means it is simply a fluke. Players never find their game later on in their career and never benefit from new systems. Hayes will never be someone that the team can use to build around of course.

Lundqvist is selfish and care so much about stopping pucks. He should focus less on stopping pucks and more on getting ping pong balls. Seeing a guy like Lundqvist win a meaningless game in December is terrible for the team. He needs to understand that a meaningless overtime point will absolutely destroy the team in 3 years when they don’t end up with a lottery pick.

When these players are playing this well and bringing in moderate success to the Rangers it’s simply bad. The play is doing nothing but hurting the franchise long term and in my opinion it is nothing short of selfish. Henrik Lundqvist and Kevin Hayes are simply bad for the Rangers.

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