Marc Staal’s Buyout Window Is Now Open

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The New York Rangers are a team based on windows. Is Henrik Lundqvist’s window closed? Did the window as an Eastern Conference mainstay close?┬áToday, Marc Staal’s window to be bought out opens up for the 48 hours.

There has been much speculation on whether or not a move like this would behoove Jeff Gorton and the Blueshirts. Before the fans run to get their torches and pitchforks, the buyout would have to happen for a reason.


To buyout Marc Staal the team would face a dead cap hit of $2 million plus over the next four years, and that would just be for Staal, lest we forget about the Girardi buyout. So at one point the team could have $6 million of dead cap if they buyout Staal.

Why do this:

Again it’s all about windows. Buying out Staal means that the Rangers will get the immediate cap relief to go out and acquire a top two center. Basically this move would foreshadow a big trade. Buying out Staal means that the Rangers are going from another impressive offseason retool to being within striking distance of the Stanley Cup. IF this happens then the Rangers Stanley Cup window stays open for at least one more season.

Why it’s not a good move:

With everything in this world there is a cause and effect that needs to be taken into account. If Staal gets bought out and the team goes and gets a top two center, about to be in his walk year (I.E. Bozak), they won’t be able to resign said player after this season. Then fast forward to players like JT Miller, Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Vesey and Brady Skjei, eventually they will need new contracts. Would fans be happy seeing 76 leave for more money/necessity so number 18 can be bought out?

The fact is that whether this would be the right move or wrong move lies directly in the result. Should the team buyout Staal and win a cup, then it was the right move. Should they buyout Staal and fall short and handcuff themselves cap wise for the future then it was the wrong move. Also if Marc Staal is your 3rd pair left defenseman, you have a pretty good defensive team.

Moral of the story another Rangers story involves another window, and this window opening has so much impact on what the Rangers success both immediately and down the road.

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