New York Rangers Hot for Pacioretty

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If there was a phrase to describe the start to the New York Rangers season it would be head-scratching. From the roster moves to the coaching decisions, there have been more questions than answers. Staying true to this, it was reported that there were some big names in Ottawa.

Naturally bringing more questions; this time being, what does this mean? The only answer is that something is happening, and it might be something pretty big.

Patch Job

There is a lot of scrambling and shuffling going on to try and fix this team. The early struggles are forcing the hand of management. Could it potentially be time for a trade; and a big one?Montreal Gazette

This may be the case; typically when a team is desperate they will reach and react with moves; a move right now is what all are asking for in New York. Now enter fan theories and speculation; why would the Assistant GM, Team President, and two scouts be North of the border when the team left over the weekend?

The belief is that Max Pacioretty could be heading to the Rangers via trade and that is why these big names are still there.

Why this makes sense

Depending on the players involved, this deal could make plenty of sense. First off, the New York Rangers are 16th in the NHL in goals for, meaning offensively the Rangers are middle of the pack. However, the Rangers and Canadiens are tied in the fourth position when it comes to most goals against. Max Pacioretty is a superstar caliber player, and most importantly, he is a very talented player on the back end.

Another perk here is the fact that Pacioretty is a leader, hence why he is the captain in Montreal. For a team’s alternate captain to say the team is not in the right frame of mind points to its leadership, or lack thereof. Same can be said about the head coach when he says that the team’s compete-level isn’t there. The lack of leadership is a cause for concern and a player like Pacioretty could help in that respect as well.

“We’re just not in the right frame of mind to start the game and it’s causing us to be outplayed.” – Marc Staal

Time will tell

There is writing on the wall for some major shakeups on Broadway. Who and what will change will come to light soon. The New York Rangers continue to have everyone asking questions, but now it’s time for some answers.

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