NHL Rumor Roundup: Rangers have NO INTEREST in Patrick Marleau and Pittsburgh’s a mess

MarleauWe should all know the story by now…things are bad in San Jose, especially if you’re one of the older players like Patrick Marleau. Recent reports surfaced that Marleau would waive his no trade clause to go to Anaheim, Los Angeles or the New York Rangers (although he’d have a better chance of getting to NY if he was open to go to the Islanders).

The good news is that the Rangers aren’t interested in adding a 36 year old forward on the last legs of his career with a cap hit of almost 7M until 2017. The latest confirmation comes from the Ottawa Sun:

[su_quote cite=”Ottawa Sun” url=”https://www.ottawasun.com/2015/11/14/ottawa-senators-not-alone-looking-for-d-man”]Marleau, 36, has never been willing to accept a deal, he may have indicated in talks with San Jose GM Doug Wilson in September that he was open to the idea. Since he has a full ‘no move’ clause he controls his own destiny and there have been reports he’ll only accept a trade to the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and N.Y. Rangers. If that’s the case, and many believe the list is longer than that, it could be problematic for Wilson, who is difficult to make a trade with at the best of times. Sources say the Rangers and Kings have zero interest in Marleau while the Ducks aren’t sure if he’s the right fit to play with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. [/su_quote]

Is Matt Duchene really going anywhere?

Colorado has problems…defense primarily. However, to land a top blue-liner it usually takes a team with a plethora of them and also a need for forwards to make it happen. However, Duchene is a world class player and would be hard to part with.

[su_quote cite=”Toronto Sun” url=”https://www.torontosun.com/2015/11/14/simmons-says-will-be-interesting-to-watch-treatment-of-should-be-hall-of-famer-lindros”]If it’s true and Matt Duchene is available, the Leafs should be all over the Avalanche in trying to make a deal. The Avs need defence badly. I’d move Dion Phaneuf and Kadri for Duchene in a heartbeat and even eat a little salary if need be. Would you do that? Would Joe Sakic?[/su_quote]

I share the opinion found on Spector’s Hockey about even contemplating parting with his talents.

[su_quote cite=”Spector’s Hockey” url=”https://spectorshockey.net/sunday-nhl-rumor-roundup-november-15-2015/”]SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get why the Avs didn’t want to overpay to retain Paul Stastny and especially Ryan O’Reilly, but Barrie’s a big-minute offensive blueliner earning $2.6 million per season on his current deal. He’ll get a significant raise. They were willing to pony up to keep Erik Johnson. Budget team or not, they have to do the same for Barrie. Otherwise, it’ll be the third straight core player to depart in as many years. That doesn’t exactly send the right message to your fans about building a winner. [/su_quote]

Things Are Getting Bad in Pittsburgh

Malkin PERPLEXED (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Malkin PERPLEXED (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

The Penguins are a mess! These quotes via CBSSPORTS from Evgeni Malkin are extremely telling and concerning for fans in the Burgh.

When asked about what is wrong with the offense he replied, “Everything. We don’t play right, we don’t work hard. I know it’s tough right now. I know we’re mad at each other. We need to stop, look in the mirror, and start working. We’re not working.”

WOW! That’s a huge knock on the coaching staff.

When asked if the Pens can turn it around he dropped this bomb. “Yeah, it’s better for us if we have more confidence, we start to play better. But now we’re really mad at each other, we don’t believe anymore, we’re not happy. But it’s the beginning of the season, it’s a good time to stop and move forward.”

Could big trades be on the horizon in Pittsburgh? Maybe, and they could start with Evgeni Malkin.


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