NHL season suspended, how this impacts New York Rangers

The news has broken over the wires that the NHL has suspended play and they will monitor the situation with the Coronavirus as it unfolds. There’s been a lot of rumors of what this all means, and teams like the Rangers who are just on the outside looking in have a lot of interest on what the plan will be once play resumes.

League Statement

The release from the NHL indicates all intent to resume play and compete for the Stanley Cup. The unknown at this time is just how this will happen. One rumor flying around is a shortened regular season from the normal 82 games, a shortened opening round, and possibility of playing in Cup Final in July.

Impact to NY Rangers

At the moment the Rangers are 2 points out. The one silver lining is that when play resumes in 2-3 weeks Chris Kreider should be healthy. If the league does come back to a lessened schedule, maybe 5-8 games over 2 weeks if scheduling allows, the Rangers would be in excellent shape. If the league determines anything else, such as ending the regular season and starting the playoffs, the Rangers simply will be on the outside looking in.

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