NYR Trade Rumors from the “Far Side”, Stamkos and Drouin???

Far Side Comics

Far Side Comics

So this is a “rumor” being floated around by Hockey Buzz, which is run by the most notorious rumor monger of all time, Eklund. The Rangers tried to trade for a package of Steven Stamkos and Jonathan Drouin?

Talk about hockey trade rumors version of the “Far Side”, which is a series of Sunday Funnies type Cartoons. If you aren’t familiar, I added one of Gary Larson’s comics to the post.

Because this is just too rich not to share, here is exactly what Eklund blogged on his site.

* The Rangers offered Yandle and a strong forward prospect i am told…I also heard Drouin and Stamkos as a package to NY…but i don’t see how that deal happens unless NY is blowing it up…

What in the world would the Rangers have to give up in return? I really don’t want to speculate but I want my readers to laugh at this as hard as I did. But for the record, Eklund has been right before, but with the amount of stuff he spitballs I am pretty confident that his percentage of hitting them is VERY LOW.

However, he does have some connections so it’s worthy to note with a very humongous grain of salt. What I did find interesting in his blog, is that the Rangers made an offer for Drouin which many other “hockey insiders” indicated as much. Yandle was named as the piece going to Tampa.

For now, don’t expect the Rangers and the Lightning to make any deals. It was noted earlier today that Drouin is likely to be traded, but the destination would be West and Minnesota was one of the top destinations for the highly touted prospect.

As a side note to Eklund…