All eyes on Ryan Callahan and his contract extension.

All eyes on Ryan Callahan and his contract extension.

UPDATE: 2/7/14
 The Olympic trade freeze starts today at 3pm. While I believe there will be trades, Ryan Callahan will not be one of them. This drama will go all the way to March 5th. Here’s the latest from around the league.

UPDATE: 2/6/14
1:30 PM Don’t you just love the ups and downs of a good old fashioned drama. On the heels of “his last game” as a NYR tonight versus Edmonton (if you believe the team imposed deadline of tomorrow), Ryan Callahan is not only NOT SCRATCHED, he’s on the PP!

Media outlets also report that Cally’s agent met with the NYR on Wednesday and will meet again today. Do I think a deal gets done before Friday 3pm? 90% no on a re-sign, 99.9% no on a trade. Good times!

UPDATE: 2/4/14
5:00 PM – Now Darren Dreger and the TSN crew are reporting Callahan has been looking for 7 million. Why can’t anyone get this straight? Here’s what I know, none of this information is being leaked from Ryan Callahan’s side. This is all part of a PR game by the Rangers to A) Get Ryan to the table and B) Villianize him to look like the bad guy. Oh this is going to be a fun week.

UPDATE: 2/3/14
4:43 PM – As I stated this morning it’s quiet and as per Katie Strang of ESPN (and other outlets), Cally’s agent will get back to the Rangers this week. It is very likely that nothing will happen before late Thursday or Friday. Matter of fact, I am still of the belief that Friday is just a soft deadline set by the NYR to get Cally to the table. If the decision is to trade Callahan, it will not come until the March deadline. Of course that won’t alleviate the worries. Keep coming back and click the #CallyCrisis link above for new updates.

9:00 AM – The quiet before the storm? It appears that the Friday deadline may be a soft one. The two sides are committed to getting this done. However, Sather is holding firm to 5 years. Could it be possible they settle at 6 years? Maybe 5 years with a team’s option for a 6th? I don’t believe he will be traded this week but I also never thought it would have got to this point either.

UPDATE: 2/2/14
Now the word is that Cally’s side is softening on their hard stance of 7 years. There may be hope yet NYR fans.

UPDATE: 2/1/14
The situation appears to have gone from problem to crisis. Glen Sather is dead serious about moving Ryan Callahan by Friday’s Olympic Trade Deadline if he and his agent Steve Bartlett do not back off their contract demands.

Since August, Callahan has stood firm of wanting at least a 7 year contract at 42 million. He and his agent have been pushing for 8 years to start but the Rangers are firm in their stance on a 5 year deal at 30 million. The situation has grown so contentious that the Rangers have leaked information to the media in an effort to get Callahan to the table to no avail.

My source early yesterday said “he’s as good as gone.” I literally told him that he’s crazy. Later in the day word breaks that the NY Rangers have allowed teams to speak with Callahan’s agent. I was then informed one of those teams is Columbus. Guess who was at the Garden last night? None other than the President of the Blue Jackets, John Davidson. Yes, I know he was scheduled to be there for Sam Rosen but you have to raise an eyebrow.

Of the teams sniffing around, you need to add St. Louis, Detroit and Tampa Bay to the mix as well. The list is growing and the possibility of a “knock your socks off” trade offer may come. So what will happen? Ryan Callahan said last night that “his heart is here”. We all believe him too, but he is going to have to make a decision before Glen makes it for him by Friday.

What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine. If you listen to my guy prepare for the worst. My take is if he doesn’t sign the offer made by Sather, we could be looking at the last days of Captain Cally. Hold on Rangers fans, we are in for a tumultuous week.

Unthinkable? Unimaginable? These are the words I uttered for the last few weeks whenever someone mentioned the possibility of trading Captain Ryan Callahan. Today, I must bring myself to admit it’s a harsh reality.

Last night on Fulltilt Rangers Radio, I informed everyone that the gap between Cally and Sather is over years, not money. The Captain is looking for the same treatment Henrik Lundqvist received. He wants the max of 8 years. Bob McKenzie reported it was 7 but either way it is simply to long for a 20 goal scorer. Sather is thinking long term and is offering 4 years, maybe 5. Callahan and his agent just won’t budge.

In our interview with Seth Rothman of Inside Hockey he said “I have a hard time believing they will actually trade him. Do I think contract negotiations are going well? I do not.” Seth continued with “the Rangers have to be careful here because you don’t want to lose him for nothing.” Ultimately, Seth feels Ryan will realize that he is not going to get those years and settle at around six. Seth would not discount the fact that Glen Sather will play hardball and could lead to a trade.


This situation is slowly becoming the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  Earlier today, Darren Dreger of TSN tweeted that the Rangers and Blues are discussing Chris Stewart.


Start the panic! Chris Stewart is a big boy who is 2 years younger than Ryan Callahan and could replace Callahan’s offensive production. What he can’t replace are the intangibles that Captain Cally brings. So is there more to this deal? Kevin Shattenkirk maybe? Pure speculation on my part but you have to think of all the possibilities.

The consensus around the league is that the two sides will work it out. Trading your Captain mid-season is a rare occurrence in the NHL. How would that impact the Rangers? Who would be the new Captain? Would you give it to Marc Staal in an effort to ensure he re-signs just like Toronto did with Dion Phaneuf? The chain reaction of a Callahan deal would be an even bigger distraction than this contract negotiation. Let’s hope the two sides can come to an agreement before all hell breaks loose in Rangerstown.


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