Panarin Watch enters its final weekend, here’s what we know

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In just a little over 48 hours, we will know where Artemi Panarin is going to sign. While things could go pretty quiet before Monday, I expect the rumor mill to actually ratchet up.

I call it the funnel effect. Picture pouring water into a funnel. As the water is poured the funnel fills and starts to drain. You can see the water swirling slowly. However, when the water gets closer to the end, the vortex spins faster until it’s done. That’s what I expect these next few days to look like on Panarin Watch.

This is the last update I dropped on Twitter:

Critical Timeline

The timeline of events is important because it shows that the Rangers were a destination that was rumored to be where Panarin wanted to go from the start. Additionally, we can see that the Rangers are the constant since rumors began to break last summer.

Another important takeaway is that it isn’t until Panarin fires Milstein and hires Theofanous (Bobrovsky’s) agent that we get our first mention of Florida. Even after that, McKenzie who was the first to say Panthers states the Rangers will come after Panarin with bags of money.

The Rangers continued to be the favorites until just last month where the shift to Florida begins. That is until yesterday when TSN’s Frank Seravalli’s mentions that he believes Panarin will land in NY. This lines up with information I’ve been gathering for days from sources within the Garden and close to the situation.

Just about 48 hours to go. If the Rangers are indeed favorites to land Panarin you can expect transactions to take place before Monday. Tomorrow the buyout window closes, will the Rangers make that move? If they do, I’ve been steadfast that’s the biggest signal they’re likely to land him.

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