Raanta starts again! Here’s how to get your therapy puppy

Make me feel better PUP!

Make me feel better PUP!

Antti Raanta will make his 4th straight start for the Rangers against the Blackhawks tonight. And yes, a healthy Henrik Lundqvist will be his back up and people in NY are losing their minds.

Are We Serious?

What part of Raanta being red-hot don’t you understand? What did you see in Lundqvist’s start against the Islanders that disproved he’s struggling? What part of the “It’s Only December” fact has you confused? How do you not see this as anything more than a coach playing a hot back-up while his number #1 hones his game in practice?


I’m literally becoming ashamed to be a New Yorker and a Rangers fan lately.

Sign of the Times

I understand that we may live in the most butt-hurt era of modern history. The way the majority of this country is handling the election results is mind-numbing. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is even going to use tax payer money to fund therapy for NYC municipal workers struggling with the outcome. REALLY?

Oh and I’m sure to take heat on that last paragraph as someone who is probably squeezing the life out of their Play-Doh is going to accuse me of normalizing all kinds of hateful things in America because I MOVED ON!

On social media I am actually seeing people flipping out. I won’t put them on public display here but I’ve seen some gems! Like:

  • I can’t believe it! Vigneault is really making Lundqvist the back up!
  • For the first time in my life, I’m afraid Henrik’s career in NY is over

WHAT???!!! I can’t even!

Because I love you

Sorry, maybe I am being insensitive to your special snowflake feelings…but let me extend an olive branch and give you information how you can get a therapy puppy.


P.S. I actually love therapy animals. I think they are beautiful blessing for sick children and our veterans suffering from PTSD. So try and understand that this entire post is satire in nature. If you don’t, and I offended you, I will gladly send you some Play-Doh.

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