Rangers defenseman DeAngelo needs to let his skill do the talking

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As Larry Brooks wrote in his article on the Rangers’ defenseman, ” If Tony DeAngelo deserved to be in the Rangers lineup every night, he would be.”

Lately, it doesn’t take a massive headline for the New York Rangers fanbase to start a debate. The rebuilding team has brought to light countless unknown twitter general managers. One of the biggest debates amongst fans is how Tony DeAngelo is not getting a fair look.

I’m a firm believer that DeAngelo is a player that should be getting as many looks as possible. Especially on a team that has been, for lack of a better word, bad. However, DeAngelo got a look for the first time in a while on Tuesday against Vegas and did nothing to help himself. He took a terrible boarding penalty and then was assessed a 10-minute misconduct. When a player gets an opportunity to force himself into the lineup, this is the worst thing he could do. As Joe Micheletti said during the broadcast, “Taking a penalty when you’re beat or working hard and get a little too aggressive, that is different than what DeAngelo did.”

“I’m going to hold judgment on that penalty,” Quinn said of the original call on DeAngelo. “Nothing I can do about it. He took the penalty. Then the 10-minute misconduct, we certainly don’t want. We need him on the ice. That was disappointing.”

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While the team continues to limp to the trade deadline/end of the season, players like DeAngelo deserve, and likely will, get their deserved look. Bear in mind, however, this is now the third organization with which DeAngelo has struggled to crack the lineup. With all of his talents and abilities, if DeAngelo is to be part of the team long term, he needs to learn to pick his spots. When he gets his looks, he doesn’t need to play perfectly; but he does need let his talents make the mark, not the untimely penalties or forced breakout passes.

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