Rangers did not tease a captain with Reverse Retro jersey, and Henrik Lundqvist reunion when he retires?

Earlier today the Rangers gave a tease look at the new Adidas Reverse Retro jerseys. While we can tell that the 96 on the label and modern NYR logo indicates a return of Lady Liberty, fans saw something else.

Rangers fans believe a captain will be named

Thanks to a photo on the NYR Facebook page, fans went into a frenzy when they noticed a C on the jersey. Fans took it another notch when they saw some flowing locks and assumed Mika Zibanejad was being named captain.

I reached out to the Blueshirts who informed me that is not the case. Additionally, Adidas shows the C on many of its Reverse Retro reveals as well. Sorry fans, but the Rangers will reveal a captain, not Adidas.

Henrik Lundqvist and a Rangers reunion

new york rangers rumors
Lundqvist in DC (Getty Images)

The New York Rangers and their longtime franchise star, Henrik Lundqvist will reunite one day. Per a Swedish source, Lundqvist will come home when he calls it a career.

This all falls in line with what Hank has been saying for awhile now. He is and will always be a Ranger. More to come tomorrow so stay tuned.

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