Rangers Flashback: Henrik Lundqvist fined $5000 for squirting water on Sidney Crosby; Oh the horror!

Oh the horror! It was one of the more terrible incidents in the annals of hockey history. The setting was Madison Square Garden in the Spring of ’14. With the Rangers and Penguins locked in mortal combat, the two combatant armies battled for every inch of ice.

Henrik Lundqvist squirts Sidney Crosby and gets fined

Suddenly, a melee ensued and a sea of blue converged upon a blur of white and yellow. As the two sides struggled a field general by the name of Henrik Lundqvist committed a most heinous act. An act so horrible it broke all norms. He squirted Sidney Crosby with water.

After the battle, a tribunal was convened and Lundqvist was found guilty and ordered to serve penance. For his act of aggression he was forced to fork over $5000 of his own money. Justice was served.

Lundqvist fined for squirting Crosby makes it hard to reconcile Tom Wilson incident

Lundqvist Crosby
Marc Staal shutting down Crosby (NHLI/Getty Images)

It’s pretty mind-boggling to look at the video of Lundqvist squiring less than a Dixie cup of water onto Crosby and being fined $5000. The issue isn’t with what took place in 2014, because it seemed appropriate for the act. However, if you want to compare and contrast to what Tom Wilson did on Monday night, it makes you shake your head how he got the same exact penalty.

Not only does it not seem fair and equitable, it’s seems hypocritical. How are you protecting players if squirting water is the same as body slamming your opponent and causing a season-ending injury equal? It makes the NHL look like a laughingstock.

Hell! They don’t even account for inflation! $5000 in 2014 was worth more than that amount now. I mean I know the my utilities bills are higher, as is the cost for food and I don’t make Wilson’s millions per year. Something sure needs to be addressed at the league offices and soon.

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